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Introducing the Dumbbell Safety Rack

The Dumbbell Safety Rack was designed to make strength training safer. Putting dumbbells in the proper starting position can be a challenging for many exercises.  Our innovative solution is an adjustable platform that places dumbbells in the proper position to work out.  It features ergonomically designed cradles lined with memory foam, making it possible to work out with dumbbells, safely and any position!


The Dumbbell Safety Rack also functions as an ergogenic aid.  Now dumbbells don’t have to be hoiked into position. This allows the strength trainer to lift more weight and complete more reps, unassisted. Because space is a premium for gym owners, we have designed the Dumbbell Safety Rack to sit around existing benches, so it has almost no footprint.   

The Unit is fully adjustable from 18’ to 60’ and can easily positioned for decline, flat bench, incline and even military press positions.  The dumbbell safety rack can be used without the bench, and places dumbbells in perfect position for lower and upper body work: arms, shoulders, squats, and lunges.

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